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  • FIFA 16 demo beta stand corrupt PS4 transfer  2015-08-19
  • There's been many assumptions in reference to the FIFA 16 demo transfer going live and once the discharge date can be on PS4, or Xbox One, however this did not account for beta testers. whereas we'd see a public unleash open up next mon...
  • FIFA 16 updates gameplay and release date  2015-08-14
  • Following successful release of "FIFA 15," EA Sports announced last May 2015 its promises to release "FIFA 16."The upcoming gaming has announced some exciting and groundbreaking new features. For the first time, considering t...
  • Youngsters Who Will Be Overpowered  2015-08-12
  • There's no greater feeling on any football game than nurturing a young player into a first team player and watching them stomp all around the league, whether they're becoming a monster in the dust, a string-puller in midfield, or perhaps...
  • FIFA 16 Would go to Gamescom  2015-08-08
  • FIFA 16 was everywhere during Gamescom. They appeared on stage during Microsoft's briefing, they appeared onstage during EA's briefing, and they released enough screenshots and new information to sink a vessel. We'll make a start wit...
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    We are about to buy lots of Fifa 15 Coins with a pretty price, you can add our skype: Rs4play

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