What exactly is FIFA 18 Ultimate Team of the Week

10/9/2017 5:03:04 PM

What exactly is FIFA 18 Ultimate Team of the Week (TOTW)?

Every week EA picks a team of 23 players depending on who performed the best throughout the previous weeks. These gamers are put into the beginning 11, subs bench as well as reserves, a formation is actually picked, and all players get stat boosted.

The key component is that the stat boosted gamer cards are different to the regular player cards in FUT 18: You can identify the TOTW card from the black background; Your initial cards won’t receive a increase.

How to get TOTW Player Credit cards in FUT 18?

You can purchase card packs to get TOTW Player Cards in FIFA 18, the same way you get regular player cards.

You can also purchase TOTW Player Cards through transfer market, although their own prices are ridiculous. If you wish to get a player’s standard version in TOTW, you have to visit the transfer market.

Could a Player be in TOTW Several times?

A player can be part of TOTW many times, and each time their rating should be higher than his or her previous TOTW card. It has to be taken into account that your can only have one participant one version in your group.

When is TOTW Available in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

TOTW in FUT 18 can be obtained every Wednesday at six pm BST/10 am PDT. The cards will be available within card packs until the brand new TOTW is rolled out simultaneously the following week, but if somebody is selling you can buy the actual cards from the transfer marketplace.

FIFA 18 TOTW Challenge

When the week’s TOTW can be acquired, the weekly TOTW challenge is added to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. You can choose the problem level, and it will decide your own reward scales.

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